Tulle Skirt Trend

Shopping Alert: Tulle skirt for this Spring!

All the fashion addicted remember the Carrie Bradshaw’s iconic tulle ballerina dress in Sex and The City


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The news is that the tulle skirt is back and it is a must-have in the spring wardrobe!

It’s not necessary to be a prima ballerina to wear it, of course!

This trend is versatile and you can wear it with everything, in ultra-feminine or casual version.

Below some inspiration pic:

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tulle skirt tulle-skirt-a-new-extension-of-tutus-in-style-12

I’ve bought a tulle skirt and I’d like to wear it in a rock way

with heels and a eco-leather jacket like this:




In London you can find this type of item in Topshop:



Also in Camden Town there are many little markets that are selling vintage tulle skirts like these:




Do you like this trend? I think it is adorable!


(Images: Pinterest – Garance Doré – Polyvore)


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