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The best tailor on Savile Row: Henry Poole & Co

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One month ago I went with my class of “Fashion & Luxury Goods Management” to visit Henry Poole & Co shop in Savile Row.

It was an amazing experience get to know the employer and the whole staff of this store.

Henry Poole & Co is a family business now maintained by Simon Cundey, a gentilman who explained us very well the history of this brand.

We have also the opportunity to see the tailors working


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There is a long bespoke process behind each garment.

The garment, in fact, is assigned to a particular highly skilled tailor where it is canvassed by hand and readied for the first fitting.

The tailor will stay with the client during their time as a Henry Poole customer, so giving consistency to the look and feel of all the client’s future garments.









(Images: My pictures – Henry Poole & Co Website)